Posted Feb 21 2018

From Hard Stares To Growing Noses

One of Disney’s earliest, finest, and downright scariest classics, Pinocchio, is set to get the studio’s on-going live action remake of all we once held sacred treatment. Whilst over the years, others from Guillermo Del Toro to Robert Downey Jr have toyed with the idea of reimagining Gepetto and his little wooden boy, this official Disney remake most recently had Sam Mendes on board to direct. Mendes walked and now the Mouse House has had the good sense to secure Paddington director Paul King for the gig. King has displayed a masterful touch with incorporating the whimsy and wonder of childhood tales with modern filmmaking in his two Paddington movies, so we now expect great things from this remake. The soon to be very busy King hopes to start shooting Carlo Collodi’s classic tale in the autumn, before moving onto the Willy Wonka remake he’s also just signed on for.

And can Paddington 3 be far behind that? We think (nay, hope) not.


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