Posted Mar 17 2018

Song Of The Week Bonus Bonus - Van Morrison & The Chieftains - I Tell Me Ma

Need a movie connection? OK, the majestic songs of Van Morrison have featured in such Scorsese movies as The King Of Comedy, The Departed, and Bringing Out The Dead, as well as providing a perfect end to Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tennenbaums, were extensively featured in The Five-Year Engagement, John Hughes used him in both Sixteen Candles and She’s Having A Baby, and have adorned the soundtracks of such diverse movies as Bridget Jones’ Diary, Patch Adams (the great Into The Mystic), The Lovely Bones, As Good As It Gets, Welcome To Sarajevo, Fever Pitch, Thelma & Louise, American Sniper, Proof of Life, and Born On The Fourth Of July, to name but a few. John Landis made Moondance iconic in An American Werewolf In London, and Van the Man (as he’s sometimes known) even appeared on stage with The Band et al in Scorsese’s The Last Waltz.

Happy with that?  Good, because this song has nothing to do with any of that. It’s here simply because it’s St Patrick’s day and it’s your finest Irish. So, if you’re having a ceilidh tonight, have a few, have a dance, and play this bloody loud. We guarantee a good time will be had.

And Happy Birthday Jack! (Go on - play it LOUD!!)


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