Posted Mar 13 2018

Neil Young's Girlfriend Done Gone And Made A Movie

The great Neil Young, often under the pseudonym of Bernard Shakey, has been making movies since way back in the early ‘70s. They are (to be kind) perhaps best described as “experimental.” Recently Neil hooked up with fellow activist Daryl Hannah and now it appears she has entered similar “experimental” territory as she unveils her feature debut as writer-director at SXSW this week. Paradox features Neil (as The Man In The Black Hat), his current backing band, Promise Of The Real, and their dad, Willie Nelson. Neil and the band also provide  the film’s soundtrack (apparently featuring a cover of Willie’s sublime Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground) and the whole thing is produced by a certain “Bernard Shakey.” The things you do for love? Here’s the trailer.

For those not in Austin this week, Paradox can be seen on Netflix from March 23


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