Posted May 09 2018

Wednesday's Most Excellent News Bits - With Double Keanu

And in bits of news and stuff not worthy of a full story all to themselves today – Bill and Ted’s third adventure in time and dumb is now DEFINITELY happening! Yes, we know it’s been on the go for decades now, but it is finally officially a go, with original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomons having penned the script and Dean Parisot on board to direct. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will now be the middle aged Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston Esq in what they’re calling Bill & Ted Face The Music…But before he starts recapturing his mighty youth, Keanu must wrap up his splendid present by finishing filming John Wick Chapter 3, the first image of which has just been released and is right here for all to see –


…In non-Keanu related news, Quentin Tarantino is trying to persuade Burt Reynolds to sign up for his upcoming Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. QT has a habit of resurrecting careers of those who populated his 1970s childhood, and Reynolds is ripe for reinvention. The role Tarantino has him in mind for is George Spahn, the ranch owner who leased out his land to Charles Manson and his Family in exchange for sexual favours. Tarantino usual suspects Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Kurt Russell have all signed on for featured roles, with Margot Robbie still expected to play Sharon Tate, alongside firmly in place Leo and Brad…Director Damian Szifron has walked from The Six Billion Dollar Man, Mark Wahlberg’s inflation-conscious reboot of the ‘70s TV show. Although you might expect Peter Berg to walk right in, apparently potential co-star Mel Gibson (on for Oscar Goldman) might well be interested in stepping in…Hot from the success of Jumanji, Jack Black has decided what the world needs next is a sequel to the pretty dreadful Tenacious D movie, The Pick Of Destiny. He’s wrong, by the way…And speaking of sequels, at least this one seems to be expanding the brand, as the title suggests – The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Reynolds and Jackson on board – her indoors to be named later…And just in case you thought this summer movie season was going a bit shark-lite with only The Meg on offer – here’s a poster for the upcoming Great White Enjoy -


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