Posted May 09 2018

Song Of The Week - The Rutles - Cheese And Onions

We feel good. We feel bad. We feel happy. We feel sad. We must be in love…with The Rutles. Tonight the majority of the Last Word office are taking a road trip to see the legendary Prefab Four live. (If Les Garcon De La Plage, or even Crosby, Still, Nash, Young, Gifted and Black, were there to support them, life would be perfect.) Original members Ron Nasty and Barry Wom will be there to recreate the highlights of their seminal All You Need Is Cash, the classic, if you will, “rockumentary” that predated Spinal Tap by a good six years, and we will be there to sing along with every one of ‘em, not least this little slice of psychedelia from the brilliant Yellow Submarine Sandwich album, Cheese And Onions. Do we have to spell it out? OK then – “C.H.E.E.S.E…”

Hit “Play” already. Damn


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