Posted Jan 30 2018

Maze Runner The Death Cure - This Movie Fails To Rock

Dir: Wes Ball

Starring Dylan O'Brien, Kyaya Scodelario, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter, Patricia Clarkson, Walton Goggins, Barry Pepper, Aidan Gillen

Due to on-set injury, this third and supposedly final part of the Maze Runner trilogy has been delayed for so long that it’s easy to go into it not really remembering where the previous two left off. After all, the YA sci-fi dystopian thing was kind of all over the place last time we were with Dylan O’Brien and his tribe. Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter. What this is mostly concerned with is just keeping the whole thing chugging along at a breakneck pace, as if almost apologetically saying – “Let’s get on with it. We’ve all got homes to go to.”

It starts well enough with O’Brien and team staging a train heist. The action is effective, the visuals moving away from the dark sludgy feel of much of this stuff, in favour of some vibrant bright desert locales, if anything trading on a Mad Max Fury Road vibe.

Sadly, what follows is less impressive or interesting, as our young rebels break into a previously hidden walled city to meet up unexpectedly with Will Poulter (we though he was dead?), rescue best bud Minho (Lee), face off against big bad Aidan Gillen - over and over again, and pretend to ignore the obvious homoerotic tension between messed up Brodie-Sangster and teen ‘throb O’Brien.

What’s most disappointing about The Death Cure is that it’s simply so generic. Everything feels like it’s been cut from an out of date template here. And the dialogue is simply unrelentingly banal – of the kind that when a building collapses all around our heroes, one takes the time to state “Quick, we’ve got to get out of here!” – Err…d’ya think?

It’s big, it’s loud, it appears to still have an audience, and far more endings than it knows what to do with. In a genre that offered up Hunger Games at its best, and Divergent as its nadir, the Maze Runners were always somewhere round the middle mark. We’re prepared to say this is probably the third best Maze Runner – EVER! - if they’re prepared to promised us it really is the last one.


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