Posted Sep 02 2018

Is Jackman Really A Front Runner? UPDATED - Now With Poster

UPDATE - And here's the poster - 

ORIGINAL POST - Oh for the oh so simple days of 1988, when a leading Presidentisl candidate could be undone by something as simple as an extra-marital affair. Now, in the age of payng off Playmates, bragging about pussy grabbing - and lying about it all! - those time seems lost to us forever.

This is the first look at Jason Reitman's take on the Gary Hart story, with Hugh Jackman as the candidate in the running. They're obviously shaping up for an awards run - we're just looking at the whole thing with sweet nostalgia for, you know, simpler times.

(Or was this the first drip of the tap that hasn't been switched off since..?)

The Front Runner launches its campaign on November 7


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