Posted Apr 11 2018

Love, Simon - This Movie Sweetly Rocks

Dir: Greg Berlanti

Starring Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp, Logan Miller, Josh Duhamel

So this is Pretty In Pink where the guy’s really into pink then? Yes, Greg Berlanti’s movie is an attempt to re-style the high school teen movie with a gay male lead. And it works extremely well.

Simon (an excellent Robinson) is our narrator, setting out his life before us (as so many teen movie protagonists have before him) – family, friends, pressure, counting the days to graduation, growing up in general – all with one added tweak – he’s gay and he hasn’t told anyone yet. Until he meets the so-called “Blue” online and starts to unburden his heart…and fall in love to boot.

There are moments early on in Love, Simon where its attempts to add the element of the protagonist’s sexuality to the recognisable tropes of the post-Hughes mainstream teen comedy feel a little forced, even slightly tokenistic maybe.

But then Berlanti’s film really begins to work its charms. This is in no small part due to Robinson, who delivers a strong and completely winning performance, effortlessly charming and empathetic. His friends and classmates all also rise above easy stereotyping, and emerge as fully rounded characters, each with their own stories to tell and live through. Similarly, Garner and Duhamel make for good parents. Through all of these elements (and a decent soundtrack) Love, Simon, much like its hero, begins to come together and take hold of you, to the point, thankfully, where the sexuality of its hero just becomes another thing and not the thing.

By its terrific ending, you will indeed love Simon.


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