Posted Dec 13 2017

Annihilation - New Trailer For The Movie Going To Netflix In Most Of The World

There’s been a lot of noise in recent days about the new distribution template that Alex Garland’s second movie as director is going to follow/pioneer. Basically, the super creepy looking science fiction actioner Annihilation (based on the book by Jeff VanderMeer) will hit US cinemas on February 23 before debuting in the rest of the known universe on Netflix 17 days later, the logic being Ex Machina made most of its money in the States and very little overseas. Plus, it’s increasingly hard to open a mid-range movie of this type, despite the presence of Natalie Portman.

We’re happy to watch it either way – just soon. Especially after watching this excellent trailer.

Annihilation opens February 23 in the US, before hitting Nwtflix 17 days later in the rest of the world


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