Posted Jul 11 2018

ClownsTo The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right...

For once, DC might be doing the right thing. Although they are (as ever) panicking and over-egging every pudding in sight with a Suicide Squad sequel (bad idea) and a Jared Leto Joker standalone (even worse idea) still in development, the DCEU and Warner Bros are making their first move with Todd Phillips’ long-discussed Joker origin movie, with Joaquin Phoenix now confirmed in the title role.

Now, the director of The Hangover might not be the first choice for such a project, but we’re willing to give the man a shot. Phoenix is terrific casting and the WB are only budgeting in the mid 50s – millions wise – which means we’ll be seeing a much smaller scale, more character based movie. Martin Scorsese certainly thinks so – he’s exec producing, dipping his toe for the first time into the world of the superhero. Shooting starts this September so expect to see this Joker late in ’19.


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