Posted Feb 04 2018

Winchester - Helen's Haunted House of A Movie Does Not Rock

Dir: The Spierig Brothers 

Starring Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook

Ever since the Spierig Brothers made such an impression with 2014’s Predestination, they’ve been slowly going downhill. With Winchester they change gears to rapidly going downhill.

It’s an interesting (sort of) true life tale – Sarah Winchester (Mirren), heiress to the gun-making family fortune, spent years building an elaborate 500-plus room mansion in San Jose at the turn of the last century, constantly rebuilding over a thirty year period, allegedly at the behest of the ghosts of all those that had died by the Winchester firearm.

But some ghosts are just never satisfied as Dr Jason Clarke discovers when he is sent to check out the sanity of Ms Winchester and discovers that yes, things really do bump in the night. Or in the case of this generic contemporary horror movie – things go BANG! A lot. Oh, and faces jump out at you – a lot!

If jumping is your preferred choice of exercise – this light workout may be the movie for you. If you like something even vaguely provocative and more powerful from your horror movies, or even something that shows one iota of the beguiling invention of Predestination, then it probably isn’t.



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