Posted Oct 06 2017

The Mountain Between Us

Dir: Hany Abu-Assad

Starring Kate Winslett, Idris Elba, A Mountain, Some Snow, Beau Bridges, Dermot Mulroney

Kate Winslett and Idris Elba are trapped at an airport by a snow storm and unable to get home – which they simply must do. No, it’s not a remake of Planes, Trains & Automobiles, although it does feel an awful lot like a comedy when it starts out.

He’s a brilliant brain surgeon on his way to a life-saving surgery than only he can perform; she’s a photo journalist for The Guardian who simply must get to her own wedding the next day – you know, ordinary folk. They decide to throw their lot in together and hire the very unreliable looking Beau Bridges to fly them through the storm. Then he has a stroke, the back of the plane falls off, the dog (yes, there’s a dog who snarls at kindly Elba) almost blows out the back, then they crash. Still, the dog’s alive – so they have at least one good meal left if things get any worse!

And then well, you know, they share some life history, decide no one is coming for them (Bridges has helpfully pointed out that he didn’t bother to file a flight plan), so Idris climbs up the mountain – nothing. Then they both climb down the mountain – nothing. So they climb up again. Then she falls in a frozen river, he finds a cabin in the woods (no, sadly, not that kind), then – wait for it – they fall in love and sleep together. And then – well then – things just start getting silly.

Looks pretty. The two leads are personable enough. But there’s not much else here.


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