Posted Jun 22 2018

In The Fade - This Movie Rocks

Dir: Fatih Akin

Starring Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Numan Acar

The brilliant Diane Kruger dominates this heartfelt drama, the tale of a woman slowly trying to recover from the bomb blast that took the life of her husband and young son. Was it political? Was it personal? Was it misguided? Was it the work of neo-Nazis? These are all questions she has to face up to in this French-German production, and she does so with her face. Her reactions at coming to terms with the events of her life are so etched into every line of her remarkably expressive face that dialogue becomes merely an addition to her superb performance. Pain, loss, some sense of recovery, determination and, ultimately, her uncertainty of future actions are writ large upon her. And it’s a devastating sight to witness.

Akin’s understated film moves from a domestic drama, (one admittedly set around and amongst an immigrant infused view of modern Germany, showing a country still haunted by old ghosts and divided by new presences,) to a courtroom battle, as antiseptic as its justice seems misguided, before in its third act becoming something of a revenge tale.

But at no point does it ever appear to finalise its focus, choosing instead to find reason in varying view points, keeping both its protagonist on the backfoot and its audience unsure of where it will go next. It’s a film that keeps you guessing, despite the inexorable – and ultimately overwhelming sense of tragedy – its measured approach finally allows to seep it.


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