Posted May 03 2018

We Don't Need Another Hero?

Taron Egerton’s take on Robin Hood was originally titled “Robin Hood Origins.” But aren’t they all origins? Kevin Costner certainly came back from the Crusades (and then walked to Nottingham in a couple of hours.) Russell Crowe needed some back story to turn rogue. Indeed, Disney’s cartoon Robin Hood might be one of the few that started in situ as it were (although even then Roger Miller sang us some background stuff.) Here we appear to have Robin as wideboy, with a touch of the Richie-isms. Jamie Fox is Little John, Jamie Dornan is Will Scarlett, Tim Minchin should make a fun Friar Tuck, and Eve Hewson (so good in The Knick) is Maid Marian. Ben Mendelsohn pulls bad guy duty as the Sheriff og Nottingham. 

All looks a bit Arrow meets Hawkeye meets King Arthur - time will tell.

Robin Hood opens November 21


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