Posted Jan 26 2018

Nic Cage - Are You Ever Going To Be Good Again?

Bar Joe a few years back, Nic Cage really hasn’t made a decent movie in at least a decade. Maybe winning that Oscar was the worst thing that ever happened to him. More likely, it was buying all those castles and then finding out he had to make increasingly shit movies to pay for them that did it. With the oddly satirical horror movie Mom & Dad still in the wings, Cage is sticking with genre stuff in dark new thriller Looking Glass. This at least has Tim Hunter at the helm, who since making a huge impact many, many years ago with River’s Edge, has at least gone on to do some impressive work on TV, in such shows as the original Twin Peaks, Mad Men, Revenge, Dexter, Hannibal and Scream.

Looking Glass looks suitably sleazy – which is what we’ve come to expect from Cage.

You can look into the Looking Glass from Feb 16


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