Posted Apr 06 2018

Thoroughbreds - This Year's Model Of The Modern Female Psychotic Movie Rocks

Dir: Cory Finley

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Olivia Cooke, Anton Yelchin, Paul Sparks

Finley’s debut is am impressive modern noir with more than just a touch of black comedy, evoking shades of Heavenly Creatures, and even Heathers at times. Amanda (Cooke) has recently killed her horse (she claims she was putting the beloved animal out of its misery because no one else would.) Needless to say such actions have seen her ostracized and expelled. Her one-time friend Lily (Taylor-Joy) is recruited to tutor her and try and renew some form of friendship. Slowly, Lily becomes fascinated by Amanda’s openly sociopathic nature, which starts to unlock some of her own more hidden character traits. They talk of murdering Lily’s hated step father Mark (Sparks), jokingly at first…but then talk starts to become more serious.

Finley’s film is extremely assured and strongly directed, his camera often found lurking with his two murderous protagonists, or creeping through the rooms of Lily’s palatial home, the tone in part being set by Erik Friedlander’s percussive score, which vacillates between a genuine sense of unease and something almost comical.

Both Taylor-Joy and (especially) Cooke are superb as this year’s model of the modern female psychotic, the latter perfectly capturing the deadpan humour of her non-feeling nature, the former excelling as the malleable “innocent.”

Smart, provocative, tight and tightly wound What’s not to like?



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