Posted Jan 03 2018

The Slender Man Is Coming UPDATED - Now He Has A Trailer

UPDATE - here's his first trailer - 

ORIGINAL POST - Begun online in 2009 by Victor Surge as a paranormal urban legend, Slender Man rapidly went on to become something a lot more sinister. The tall faceless figure in black was seen to be a fantasy child killer, before seeping into the real world and becoming embroiled in a series of real life murders perpetrated by teens consumed by the legend, or possibly just using it as an alibi for  their own sociopathic nature – see the compulsive doc Beware The Slenderman from 2016.

Now Slender Man – the man, the myth, the legend, the digital conceit – is getting his own horror movie from director Sylvain White (Surge is also involved). Here’s the first-look creepy poster. Have a shudder, why don’t you.

Slender Man poster

Meet the new Freddie (??) from May 18


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