Posted May 29 2018

Sundance London 2018 Preview - Half The Picture

Dir: Amy Adrion

Starring Ava DuVernay, Lena Dunham, Jill Solloway, Miranda July, Catherine Hardwicke, Rosanna Arquette, Mary Harron, Penelope Spheeris

This is a doc that is certainly timely, although given the vast amount that has been written and discussed on the subject of female inequality n Hollywood in recent months, Half The Picture does come perilously clos to being almost late to the game.

There’s also a certain amount of preaching to the choir in Adrion’s film. But still its subject remains an important one to shed light on and the directors represented on screen here certainly do a good job in doing that. What becomes apparent as the film proceeds is how similar these women’s experiences have been, as the film moves from subject to subject – from casual discrimination to overt harassment, from juggling the pressure of raising a family to being quizzed about their feelings and plans on childbirth, to how difficult many have found it to break into episodic television – ever after they have made a movie or two. Clearly, nothing is easy and whilst some of the talk here is optimistic, it strikes the viewer that change is still a long way from a done deal.

Whilst its interviewees range from fascinating to fun (Penelope Spheeris take a bow), there is inevitably a certain amount of repetition here given the nature of the discussion – when everyone’s experience is essentially the same this becomes inevitable. And both Patty Jenkins (highest female grossing director with Wonder Woman) and Kathryn Bigelow (only woman to win the Best Director Oscar) are notable for their (unexplained) absence. Still, this is an important topic and this is certainly a strong way to keep that conversation on-going.

The Sundance Film Festival  ’18 London runs from May 31 to June 3


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