Posted Jul 10 2018

Lando And Russell Go For 9

With the absence of all of the big three, JJ Abrams has decided to bring back one of the few survivors from the original Skywalker Trilogy in the shape of Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian. Donald Glover’s younger take on Lando proved to be one of the success stories of this year’s disappointing Solo stand alone, so the fans should be behind the return of the older version and the veteran actor both. And who knows, maybe he finally gets the Falcon back in light of recent events. (And a Chewbacca to boot.)

Also, just announced, JJ has signed up Keri Russell, the woman he made a star of way back when in Felicity. Russell has recently been amazing in The Americans, a series not seen by enough people (go dig it out now!) Who she’ll be playing is – of course, it’s an Abrams film! – under wraps at this time.

Star War Episode IX – Contentious Sub-Tile To Be Added Later – opens December 19 2019.


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