Posted Apr 20 2018

Michael Myers Is Looking HIs Age

Although it first gave the impression of possibly being a Pineapple Express reunion movie, with Danny McBride and David Gordon Green penning the script – and Green also directing – the latest Halloween reboot has emerged as a much more serious beast than that. Firstly, it has the backing of the increasingly sly Blumhouse, then they got John Carpenter on board, and finally they lured Jamie Lee Curtis back as an older, wiser but undoubtedly still screaming Laurie Strode.

And now they even have a poster.

Word has it that this is a direct sequel to Carpenter’s 1978 original, bypassing and/or just plain ignoring the numerous sequels it begat. Judy Greer plays Laurie’s daughter Karen Strode – also likely to be found screaming.

Halloween 2018 poster

Halloween opens October 19 - which is quite close to Halloween


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