Posted Apr 20 2018

Song Of The Week - Prince - Nothing Compares 2U

In the two years (tomorrow) since Prince tragically left us, we have been promised an outpouring from his legendary vault, although little has materialised to date. Today’s release however is a belter and a banger both. 

His Royal Purpleness’ long-time sound engineer Susan Rogers recalls the song Nothing Compares 2U “came out like a sneeze” one day in the summer of 1984, with Prince penning the lyric in less than an hour, then recoding and mixing it mostly on the same day (Eric Leeds’ sax part was overdubbed a couple of days later.) Then, satisfied with his work, Prince passed it on to The Family, a band he had recently brought together and whose debut album he was producing. They recorded it and very little was heard of it again, until six years later when Sinead O’Connor’s gorgeous cover took the world by storm, and even Prince had to admit the song he gave away was a pretty good one and started adding it to his live sets.

For the first time today we get to hear his original take on the song, rockier and more electronic than any of the other versions, and with a vocal to die for.

The accompanying video features some lovely footage of Prince putting both himself and the Revolution through their paces, rehearsing at Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse, his pre-Paisley Park rehearsal space.

If this is what the vault has been holding onto – hurry up and open the damn thing. Wide!

Hit “Play” already. Damn!


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