Posted Nov 15 2017

Ingrid Goes West - This Instagram-Unfriendly Movie Just About Rocks

Dir: Matt Spicer
Starring Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen, O'Shea Jackson Jr, Wyatt Russell

Aubrey Plaza shows up at a wedding in floods of tears, maces the bride, drops the C-bomb and is promptly committed for mental issues. Here we are in the blackly comic corridors of the stalker comedy.

With money left her from the recent death of her mother, Ingrid relocates to LA – not for a new life of her own, but for the new life of Elizabeth Olsen’s Taylor, a seemingly has-it-all woman she has become obsessed with on social media. Aspiring to her life, Ingrid manages to inveigle her way into it by initially stealing Taylor’s dog. Soon – and somewhat to Ingrid’s surprise – she and Taylor are BFs, hanging out all over the place and Ingrid herself is even trending in her reflected glory. Surely, this can’t last..?

Spicer’s movie is a very well acted film and an often funny one, but one that you can’t help but wish had a bit more bite to it. Its set up and the extrapolation of same is both amusing and convincing, with Ingrid’s growing surprise at the success of her actions a delight to behold. But its final act descent into obnoxious brothers, blackmail and kidnap seems to be a farcical step in the wrong direction.

That said, Plaza is superb in particular (though Olsen more than holds her own) and whilst she does get to suggest some of the truly darker sides of Ingrid, she is never really given full reign to make her fully believable. Her final cries to the world engender sympathy, largely because the film shies away from showing the true disturbed nature and unpleasant reality of her actions.

It’s good. It’s dark. It could be better. It could go darker.



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