Posted Jun 07 2018

Steve Knight Is Having A Busy Day

Not to be confused with the Firefly spin off…

Steve Knight is a busy man. Between Peaky Blinders and most things involving Tom Hardy, he has two new trailers out in one day. He’s written the screenplay for The Girl In The Spider’s Web, and he’s written and directed this new thriller. And they’re both opening on the same day! Which means come October 19th, Mr Knight will be beating himself up at the US box office. Not a bad life.

This one – starring Matthew McConaughey. Anne Hathaway and Jason Clarke – looks like a delicious slice of old fashioned femme fatale noir, set in the blistering heat of the Caribbean as Hathaway plays her men off against each other. Haven’t seen one of those in quite some time – and on the strength of this trailer, really looking forward to seeing this one.

Serenity opens October 19


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