Posted Jun 06 2018

Bradley Plays Glastonbury - Makes His Oscar Bid

In its first few seconds the new A Star Is Born trailer bears the legend “From Director Bradley Cooper” and we just know Bradders wants this one to be taken seriously. A few years back, Cooper’s American Sniper director Clint Eastwood was all set to re-tell this well-trod tale with Beyonce as the female lead. Now it’s Cooper, debuting in the director’s seat, and Lady Gaga going for her Streisand moment. Some of the on-stage footage here was sneakily captured at various music festivals, including last summer’s Glastonbury, and Cooper can’t help but seem to be channelling his inner Kristofferson. But this certainly looks appealing, and all but guaranteed to figure come awards season. (Really? We’re back there again, already?)

A Star Is Born births at a screen near you from October 5


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