Posted Mar 16 2018

Song Of The Week Bonus - Arcade Fire - Money & Love

Many of us here at Last Word Towers are off to see Arcade Fire in a few weeks (for the seventh time in one case!) So fair to say we’re rather excited and Everything Now is a constant on the office turntable.

To get us even more excited, yesterday the band released not so much a video as a short film Money & Love, (by David Wilson) depicting their descent into corporate music industry hell, to the sound of the disco pop of Put Your Money On Me and the beautifully haunting new miserablism of We Don’t Deserve Love. Toni Collette guests and it is – naturally – totally fab!

Win and co are playing SNL tomorrow night (at least one of these songs, if not both, will likely feature) and the touring continues after that. Sponsored by “Everything Now”, naturally.

Hit “Play” already. Damn!


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