Posted Dec 05 2017

Quentin Goes Star Trekkin' Across The Universe?

Now here’s one we didn’t see coming! Quentin Tarantino wants to make a Star Trek movie. A long time fan of the original series, QT has come up with a story idea, has solicited keeper of the Trek movie flame JJ Abrams and they are in the process of opening a writers room at Paramount to work on the idea. Now up to this point, the Trek movie series seemed to be in limbo following the good but not overwhelming performance of the last outing Star Trek Beyond. But now that has changed with the arrival of the outré auteur.

All of which seems a very uncharacteristic move on Tarantino’s part. He is currently working on what will be his ninth movie – set in the year 1969 and focusing at least in part on the Manson killings – which means he only has one last film in him, given that the man has long stated that he plans to make 10 and out. Could his final movie be a Star Trek franchise movie? It seems very unlikely so take those rumours that he will also direct said film with a very large pinch of salt. After all, it’s not like he’s writing the screenplay either and he only directs his own work (even if his story is the spark for this, if it ever comes together.) Think of this more as one of his fanboy side projects, like his ER episode or his CSI two-parter.

Whatever the final outcome, it will undoubtedly boldy go.


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