Posted Jun 28 2018

30 Seconds To Morbius

Will Sony ever learn? Having taken the “Amazing” out of Spider-Man, they were forced to do a mighty Marvel Team Up and handed over Homecoming to Feige and his expert team. And what a winner they scored.

Not to be deterred though, Sony are still ploughing on with their attempts to milk that Spider-cow. So we have Venom coming this November, Silver and Black still being touted, a version of Silk announced mere days ago – and now Morbius the Living Vampire is headed to a cinema near you. Having already played DC’s main villain The Joker, Jared Leto is now saying “Make Mine Marvel” by signing up to play Dr Michael Morbius, the scientist with a rare blood disease who accidentally goes full on vamp. The character started life in a Spider-Man comic but soon launched into a series of his own in the early 1970s, so if they can keep this separate and don’t try to desperately ride on Spidey’s webtails, this could end up being something. But that desire to make everything a universe – surely something that is about to peter out everywhere any day now – means they could all too easily screw it up. From the writers of Power Rangers and Dracula Untold…hmmm…


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