Posted May 11 2018

You Wait Years For One Leonard Bernstein Biopic To Come Along - And Then Two Come Along At Once!

The other day we told you how Jake Gyllenhaal was pinning his next stab at Oscar on playing famed composer Leonard Bernstein in Cary Fukunaga’s The American. Well now, in that time-honoured tradition of Hollywood doing things by twos, (ants, Earps, Capotes), Bradley Cooper has announced that he will also be bucking for hoped-for statuette glory with a rival Bernstein biopic. And, fresh from early acclaim for his directing debut with the upcoming Gaga-tastic A Star Is Born, Bradders is directing a well, a role that was previously mooted to have almost lured either Spielberg and/or Scorsese, both of whom remain attached as producers. Let the Battle Of The Batons begin!

ORIGINAL POST -Leonard Bernstein is of course the famed composer of West Side Story and the bit that everyone shouts along with in REM’s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It. Now he’s about to get the biopic treatment, with Cary Fukunaga directing Jake Gyllenhaal through yet another attempt to satisfy the man’s desperate desire to win an Oscar. Gay cowboy didn’t work. Psychotic news cameraman didn’t work. Rapidly blinking cop didn’t work. Excessive home re-modeller didn’t work. Bombed Bostonian didn’t work (only made him Stronger!) So let’s give gay but happily married genius American musical icon a bash!

Currently titled The American, filming is due to start this Autumn – unless Jake runs off to become the new Batman instead.


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