Posted Sep 29 2017

Zoology - This Odd Fairy Tale Of A Movie Just About Oddly Rocks

Dir: Ivan I. Tverdovsky
Starring Natalya Pavlenkova, Dimitry Groshev, Irina Chipizhenko

A curious tale – about a woman with a curious tail. Natasha (Pavlenkova) is a frumpy middle aged woman, still stuck at home with her mother in a drab coastal town in Crimea, abused by her colleagues at the local zoo where she work, and where she displays far more affinity for the animals, than she does her fellow humans. Things in her life begin to change however, with the appearance of her tail, leading to a romance with the young radiologist who attempts to x-ray it, and a burgeoning legend amongst her local townspeople as word of the woman who may well be a devil becomes the stuff of urban lore.

Tverdovsky’s low key film is both stark and realistic, blended with suggestions of a fairy tale, and intimations of horror, even a certain level of eroticism. It’s a peculiar mix that works for the most part, although (at first at least) the central relationship of Natasha and the young doctor fails to really convince, unless taken as part of the fairy tale quality of the movie, something that is so underplayed as to be almost lost.

Yet, Pavlenkova is very good and the film weaves a certain kind of intriguing spell overall.


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