Posted Nov 09 2017

All The Money In The World Won't Keep Kevin In The Picture

Now this is getting out of hand! Sir Ridders’ latest, the Getty kidnap inspired All The Money In the World is all finished, done, dusted and so ready to go that it was due to make its world debut at the AFI Fest next week. Earlier this week it was pulled (at the insistence of Sir Ridders) after it was revealed to the world that Kevin Spacey (cast as J. Paul Getty in the pic) had been a very naughty boy indeed. However, the film still planned to keep its release date of December 22, despite its original Awards season hopes having clearly been dashed by the scandal.

In an unprecedented move however, Scott has decided to ramp up production once more on his finished film and excise the disgraced actor from history, re-filming all his scenes with replacement Christopher Plummer (apparently Scott’s original choice for the role, which was vetoed by the studio who wanted a bigger “name” – and what a “name” they got!)

So, Sir Ridders has less than a month to film and re-edit the whole role of Getty. Co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams are expected to be involved in some of the reshoots, although it remains to be seen as to how much the director resorts to digital trickery to save his picture.

In the meantime, check out the trailer (and poster) below before the studio pulls it in an attempt to eradicate Spacey from history completely.

On a related matter, rumours that Sam Mendes is planning on reshooting the majority of American Beauty with Chris Pratt in the Spacey role are just that – rumours. (Feel free to spread ‘em.)

All The Money In The World

All The Money in the World opens December 22


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