Posted Sep 25 2018

LFF 2018 Preview - The Breaker Uppers

Dir: Jackie van Beek, Madeleine Sami

Starring Jackie van Beek, Madeleine Sami, James Rolleston, Jermaine Clement

Under the watchful gaze of Taika Waititi, fellow New Zealanders Jackie Van Beek and Madeleine Sami announce themselves to the world with this low budget comedy. It’s sketchy, it’s patchy, but, more often than not, it’s very, very funny.

Van Beek and Sami are Jen and Mel, long term friends who run an agency that helps people to get out of unwanted romantic relationships, convincing partners that their clients aren’t gay, have made Mel of Jen pregnant, have committed suicide and so on. It’s black – but in a light and frothy way.

Although they are friends only on a platonic level – they test out a kiss at one point and there are no “droplets” down there – as the movie progresses, events in their work life soon find them breaking up as well. But how can Jen win back her bestie Mel?

Good Kristen Stewart jokes, good vagina jokes, good gestation time-length jokes, and if, at times, the movie feels like a series of sketches loosely pieced together, its two leads are eminently likeable and you do find yourself rooting for them (no, not in the Kiwi sense of that word.)

It’s short, and sharp. And more jokes land than don’t. Expect to see more of this talented duo.

The Breaker Uppers plays the LFF on 11, 12 & 15 October

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