Posted Sep 23 2017

Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers - Caroline

Steve Martin’s new album came out yesterday. No, it’s not a throwback to the heady days when A Wild And Crazy Guy topped the charts, and Comedy Is Not Pretty just – simply – blew your mind. This is Martin in bluegrass mode with his sometime compatriots The Steep Canyon Rangers, and it is – simply – rather beautiful. Martin’s recent absence from the screen is not a thing of age or Hughesian desire for anonymity, the man has moved his focus (back) onto his music. Recent years have seen him play with the Rangers, and Edie Brickell both, producing some lovely work, even hitting Broadway with Ms Brickell (aka Mrs Simon) a couple of seasons back with Bright Star. All of this is definitely worth hearing, whether you’re a Martin fan or not, whether you have a fondness for the banjo or not. (We here at the Last Word office are – and have - both.) The new album – wonderfully titled “The Long Awaited Album” – sees Mr Martin embracing his comedy stylings of old on some songs. But, more importantly, once more highlights just what a fine writer the man is and has always been.

This video features Bill Hader, Cecily Strong, Martin and the boys – and it’s not even the best thing on the album.

Check it out. Oh, and hit “Play.” Already. Damn!

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