Posted May 06 2019

We Once Spent An Evening Partying With Chris Farley & Carrie Fisher...

Adam Sandler returned to SNL at the weekend, hosting for the first time. One of the things he did was to deliver this rather sweet and touching song about his old friend and fellow SNL-er, the late, great Chris Farley.

One of us here at Last Word once spent the best part of the day hanging out with Chris Farley and David Spade culminating with a meet-up at a Star Wars video launch at Alley Pally where Farley introduced us to Carrie Fisher. “Carrie always has the best parties,” Farley whispered conspiratorially in our ear. We, somewhat naively, thought he meant balloons and cake and stuff. Oh, how we laughed!

And Farley was great at making you laugh – both on screen and in person. If you’ve never seen Tommy Boy – go now!

Nice move, Mr Sandler.


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