Posted Jan 19 2020

QT Does TV

Quentin Tarantino is set to direct a five-part event television version of Bounty Law, the fictional TV show that featured his protagonist Rick Dalton in Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dalton starred in the show as Jake Cahill and is expected to reprise his role – whether we’ll catch a glimpse or two of his stuntman Clint Boon (Brad Pitt) remains to be seen.

In putting together his Hollywood, Tarantino immersed himself in old half hour TV westerns such as The Rifleman, Tales of Wells Fargo and Wanted Dead Or Alive, and wrote five episodes of Bounty Law as part of his prep for his ninth movie.

“I’d liked them before, but I got really into them” the filmmaker recently told Deadline. “The concept of telling a dramatic story in half an hour. You watch and think, wow, there’s a helluva lot of storytelling going on in 22 minutes. I thought, I wonder if I can do that?”

We’ll see if he can within the next year or so. In the meanwhile, check out the bogus opening titles below, as featured in Hollywood –

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