Posted Sep 20 2019

Crawl - This Gator In The House Movie Pretty Much Rocks

Dir: Alexandre Aja 

Starring Kyla Scodelario, Barry Pepper

Well, it makes a change from sharks.

Hailey (Scodelario) is a competitive swimmer (comes in useful later – trust us!) whose dad (Pepper) spent her entire childhood telling her she was an “apex predator” (trust us – comes in useful later!)

When a hurricane hits their Florida home and she sets out to rescue her injured dad from a flooded basement, the two of them come face to face with a rather hungry gator. Or two – not a spoiler.

What ensues is a well delivered B-movie that knows how to scare and knows how to build tension – a fairly lean, definitely mean and extremely effective machine of a horror movie. The gators are full on CG, but imbued with a fine sense of menacing character, the storm rages well, producer Raimi’s black sense of humour gets a look in, and Scodelario is terrific (as indeed she increasingly is.) Pepper too, knows his salt, making this a tense two hander where you root for the humans but also enjoy the beasties.

Not great, but knows what it is, and knows how to make you jump without going for obvious “jump” moments. You probably won’t see a better “gator in the shower” movie this year.

And it makes a change from sharks.

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