Posted Aug 24 2019

We Don't Normally Do TV - But This Is Star Wars!!!

Disney is currently holding its big D23 expo this weekend with much of the emphasis so far on product for their new streaming service, Disney+, launching November 12. One of the big launch day attractions is of course the first live-action Star Wars TV spin-off, and director Jon Favreau (fresh from his billion-dollar-plus Lion King shaped success) was on hand to introduce the first trailer for The Mandalorian – complete with Werner Herzog narration.

After that, Kathy Kennedy and Ewan MacGregor appeared on stage to confirm that yes, there will be an Obi Wan Kenobi standalone series sometime next year and yes, Ewan is back in the role (no point in him showing up otherwise, really.)



Also, when you look at the trailer below, you may be tempted to agree - it is worth the money - 


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