Posted Apr 05 2019

Pet Semetary - This Movie Barely Rocks The Perfunctory

Dir:Kevin Koisch, Dennis Widmyer

Starring Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, Amy Seimetz, Jete Laurence

Although it may well be one of his more celebrated titles, Pet Semetary is not one of Stephen King’s better novels. And Mary Lambert’s fondly remembered 1989 film was not one of the better King-to-screen adaptations, despite being aided and abetted by the inclusion of The Ramones, of course.

So do we need a new Pet Semetary? Not really, but It made be-squillions and the King-drenched Stranger Things has blown up the zeitgeist so here we are, with Mr King well on brand again.

So how is the new Pet Semetary? Perfectly OK and functional. Bury a cat – it comes back. Bury a kid – things get a bit weirder. Same as it ever was. But there’s something even stranger afoot here – this Pet Semetary is overwhelmingly, curiously just rather dull. It’s not helped of course by a lead performance from Clarke, doing his usual charisma-free-zone thing, but even the gameness of Lithgow fails to have much of an impact here.

There are certain moments that pop, but not as much as you might think. In a post-Us world, this is a horror movie that never really manages to deliver much of anything.

And no Ramones – shocking!

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