Posted Feb 12 2020

New Wes Anderson! New Wes Anderson! New Wes Anderson!

Wes Anderson’s much anticipated latest easily boasts the most amazing cast of the year – from Bill Murray to Saoirse Ronan to Frances McDormand to Willem Dafoe to Lea Seydoux to Owen Wilson to Benicio Del Toro to Tilda Swinton to Liev Schrieber to  Adrien Brody to Edward Norton to Jeffrey Wright to Henry Winkler – and that’s only naming a fraction.

The French Disptach features four stories (at least one in black and white) and a wraparound from the dying days of an American newspaper based in a post-war France. It was initially rumoured to be a musical (at least in part) but we’re not sure if that’s still a thing.

What is true is we here at Last Word are very excited, even more so by this delightful new poster, brilliant first trailer. And even a couple of pics.

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The French Dispatch opens July 24
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