Posted Mar 17 2019

Song Of The Week - Blink - It's Not My Fault

One of the great lost Irish bands of the ‘90s – seriously, try finding them on your streaming service – delivered one of the greatest songs of joyous self-loathing with It’s Not My Fault.

“Sheriff Brady and a four foot lady,
Died of happiness in a bowl of gravy,
Lying, washed up, on a piece of bread,
He wrote "I love you" across her head.
I would die for you, I would die for you,
There's not much logic in the things I'd do for you,
How can I be happy when I've so much passion?
How can I be happy when I've so much passion?"

None. More. Irish! (Deeply fucked up Irish catholic shit - oh yes, pass the whiskey.)

Happy St Paddy’s day – knock yourselves out (no, not literally.)

Happy Birthday Jack – knock yourself out (no, not literally!)

Hit "Play" already. Damn!


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