Posted Aug 03 2019

Marvel Take Down Comic Con - And It's Logos-A-Go-Go

And thus Phase 4 is upon us. Kevin Feige and his Marvel chums took over Comic Con last night to confirm, augment and surprise with the latest news in the MCU.

First up, we heard earlier this week that Taika Waititi was back on board for Thor 4, now we know it’s called Love and Thunder and not only will Chris Hemsworth return (alongside Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie) but at some point Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will become the all-new, all-female God of Thunder herself. Yes, you read that right – Thor’s a girl – and we couldn’t be more excited.

Doctor Strange gets his sequel, entitled Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Director Scott Derrickson returns for what he labels “the first scary MCU film” – which ties neatly into his horror background. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doc will be joined by Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlett Witch, something that will be set up in the upcoming TV spin off Wanda Vision (more below.)

Elsewhere, Shang-Chi Master Of Kung Fu will be known as Shang Chi And The Legend of the Ten Rings. Feige announced the just cast Simu Liu as the titular lead, with Tony Leung as The Mandarin. And Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden will head up the Jack Kirby-based The Eternals.

Some footage was shown from next May’s solo Black Widow’s movie – yet to find its way online. But the biggest whammy was saved for the end – the great Mahershala Ali is the new Blade. No idea when – but it’s happening.

Finally, on the movie front, nods were given to the pending Guardians 3, Captain Marvel 2, Black Panther 2 and something called The Fantastic Four (let’s hope they get it right this time!)

Portman Returns For Thor Love And Thunder
Doctor Strange Sequel Set For May 7th 2021
Film Shang Chi Set For Feb 12th 2021
Marvels Eternals Set For Nov 6th 2021


Feige also took some time to discuss Marvel’s role in the soon to launch Disney+ streaming channel, acknowledging that the first four series – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye and WandaVision will all be set after the events of Endgame, although no word on how Vision comes back to life.
Marvel Teases Four Live Action Disney Series

And finally, the Marvel animated What If? show will not only feature a huge array of vocal talent from the MCU, but will boast Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher, introducing/narrating all the tales. Phew!

Jeffrey Wright Leads Marvels What If

Black Widow opens May 1 2020

The Eternals opens November 6 2020

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings opens February 12 2021

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness opens May 7 2021

Thor Love and Thunder opens November 5 2021



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