Posted Jun 27 2019

Support The Girls - This Movie Doesn't Quite Rock

Dir: Andrew Bujalski

Starring Regina Hall,  Haley Lu Richardson, Dylan Gelula, James le Gros, Zoe Graham

Regina Hall is by far the best thing in Bujalski’s mixed bag of a comedy. She may well be  the only good thing in it, in what is clearly not a film with a reflective trailer. Said trailer pitches things as a big hearted, big boobed heartfelt comedy, when in reality what we have here is something of a dour, downbeat day in the life, which at times feels more like a gritty indie drama (or maybe it’s just not very funny.)

Double Whammies is the “breasteraunt” we spend the day in, a family friendly venue despite its natural closeness to Hooters, and we spend that day with manager Lisa (Hall) in particular, as her world, and her staff unravel.

There are car washes, attempted robberies, hirings and firings, arguments with an unreasonable boss (Le Gros), a hint of abusive relationships and a mere smidgen of discussion on racial and gender politics (all of which feel a touch tokenistic.)

Whilst Bujalski seeks to bring this world to life, no one outside of Hall’s Lisa, comes close to being interesting of even vaguely developed. The girls are losing their jobs? Do we care??

With the droning sound of the nearby freeway a constant in the background – and yes they do eventually get round to talking about that – this is a curiously bleak and not overly amusing alleged comedy. Hall is good though.



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