Posted Jun 06 2016

Song Of The Week - Paul Simon - Wristband

Hand-claps and mandolins? Got to love it. The Beatles knew a good hand clap when they heard one. Prince – now there was a man who really knew his handclaps. And Paul Simon certainly knows his handclaps. Has done for years.

For the first song off his latest album, released to the world this very day, Paul Simon has gone back to handclaps. Last night he played one of those new songs on Prairie Home Companion, with a great line up of musicians – all clapping along, naturally.

Unlike most of his contemporaries, Simon, one of the finest songwriters ever – and yes, that’s fact, by no means hyperbole – actually gets better with age. His last album, So Beautiful, Or So What was one of his finest works in a career spanning nearly 60 years. And whilst his world dominating lesson in world music-meets-doo-wop-and-beyond that was Graceland is long behind him, the man’s desire to keep finding new and wonderful ways of exploring the parameters of pop music has never diminished. And, unlike many of his contemporaries who have fallen by the wayside in their desire for credibility, Simon has never (OK, hardly ever – there was the Brian Eno album) lost sight of the sheer joy of what pop music is meant to be. After all, this is the man who wrote Me & Julio for Christsakes.

His latest, Stranger To Stranger, still finds him searching for that perfect record. And just about finding it. And how many men in their mid-seventies can you say that about? (Still can't dance for shit though – and looks awkward as all hell on stage.)

One final question – why aren’t you streaming the fucker right now??! You won’t regret it.

In the meantime – hit “Play” already. Damn!


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