Posted Dec 09 2015

BAFTA Watch - It's Time To Join The Conversation

Hello and welcome to our new page.

Enough about that Oscar fellah. Finally, there’s a way to follow his British cousin. From today, TheLastWordOnEarth is here to aid you on your journey through Awards Season with a distinctly unique British sensibility.

Will it be Spotlight? Will it be Brooklyn? Does Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs still have a shot after its drubbing at the box office? Is Leo a sympathy vote or does the man deserve his due? Can one Tom Hardy win? Or does it take two??

Whatever the question – we’re here to provide not just the answer, but the debate.

BAFTA Watch will provide the news, reviews and, naturally – the last word – on this year's up-and comers, in-the-mixers, not-a-hope-in hell-ers, and all round players, updated on a daily basis, from a unique inside perspective. Why? Because some of our team are BAFTA members. We’re there, we’re having the conversations that shape THE conversation. And then we’re telling you! – What’s it about? It’s not about us – it’s about BAFTA Watch

(Just go to the toolbar and click "BAFTA Watch" - designed to become a habit!)


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