Posted Dec 08 2015

Suffragette - This Movie Doesn't Really Rock

Dir: Sarah Gavron

Starring Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep, Brendan Gleeson, Anne Marie Duff, Ben Wishaw

Suffragette kicks off this year’s London Film Festival as its opening film this very night and, sad to say, it’s all sorts of ordinary. The story of the fight for the right for women to vote in the UK is an important story, and Gavron’s lacklustre film certainly pays homage where due, but it does so in the most pedestrian of manners.

Mulligan is note perfect as the everywoman washer woman inveigled into the cause by Anne Marie Duff and a brie appearance from la Streep As Emmeline Pankhurst, which kind of reeks of stunt casting, so short is her appearance.

There’s nothing really wrong with Suffragette. But there’s also nothing special or even terribly interesting about it either. It’s a piece that knows which buttons to push, dutifully pushes all of them and then has nothing left to offer. Mulligan is as impressive as ever, even moving at times in an emotionally stunted piece; Gleeson and Wishaw hold up the male side rather well, and Bonham Carter is suitably Bonham Carter. Best of all is Anne Marie Duff as the agitator who agitates Mulligan’s Maud into action – why doesn’t this woman make more movies? She’s fantastic, and, when on screen, elevates Gavron’s otherwise worthy but disappointingly dull film.



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