Posted May 13 2016

Ang Lee - Quietly Reinventing Cinema Since 1992

Ang Lee has shot his over there-back here war movie, Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Walk in 3D, 4K and 120 frames per second per eye – or something technical like that. Either way, early reports have it looking more like real life than a movie – begging the debate of is that what we want to see when we go to watch a movie?

We’ll see this awards season when Billy Flynn hits cinemas. But from this first look, we’re already there, 120 fps or not.

Plus – Steve Martin appears to be playing the President. Fuck you Donald Trump!! (Been waiting ages to say that – just needed an appropriate moment!)

Here’s what the utterly charming Mr Lee has to say (warning: it’s a bit bland, but, you know how these things go): “‘Billy Lynn’ is a story of love, courage, and devotion. It’s the story of a young man learning his place in the world, and of the special brotherhood among men at arms, the depths of their bonds, and the sacrifices they make.” (Told you.)


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