Posted Dec 12 2015

Grandma - This Lily Rocks

Dir: Paul Weitz

Starring Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, Marcia Gay Harden, Sam Elliott, Judy Greer

Lily Tomlin is as funny as she’s ever been in Grandma. More so probably given the acidic nature and cutting mouth of her character. But she’s so much more than mere cranky old lady in Weitz’ comic drama, displaying a rarely seen depth, compassion and vulnerability that moves from heartfelt to laugh out loud on a dime, making this easily the finest performance of her career.

And, thankfully, Weitz’ film and Tomin’s co-star Garner are more than a match for her. This is the simple tale of an elderly lesbian woman and her granddaughter on a road trip round LA trying to raise cash for the latter’s abortion, as the former’s life and recent grieving comes into sharp relief. As both writer and director,  Weitz moves from bright comedy to strong emotion with great flair, his finest work since About A Boy.

Garner impresses, as do turns from Harden and, especially, Sam Elliot. But this is Tomlin’s film all the way, and one that has already prompted awards season talk.  But any win here would be far more than a sympathetic career retrospective nod. Anything that comes Tomlin’s way off the back of this Grandma is richly deserved.


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