Posted Apr 24 2016

Song Of The Week - Prince - Let's Go Crazy At The SNL 40th After-Party

“Dearly inebriated…” Former SNL cast member Tim Kazurinsky has just posted this phone footage of Prince and co at last year’s SNL 40th Anniversary after-party. Here’s a stripped down funked up Let’s Go Crazy with 3 Eyed Girl and joined by an all star cast – Maya Rudolph wans to sing lead, an obviously tipsy Jimmy Fallon is clearly having the time of his life, Chris Rock chimes in, Bill Murray sits down and Martin Short looks like he’s walked in from another party altogether.

And what was that about Prince banning cell phones? Guess it doesn’t apply to celeb crowds – which is a good thing, as without Kazurisnky’s we wouldn’t have this. And this is awesome!


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