Posted Jan 29 2016

Song Of The Week - The Maccabees - Grew Up At Midnight

We realised we hadn’t done a Song Of The Week since Bowie died…Well, here to end that drought is this wonderful little number by The Mccabees. There are several reasons it’s playing here right now – first, it’s a top tune.

Secondly, Danny Boyle used it so well at the fantastic climax to his poorly neglected Steve Jobs (damn but that man knows how to score to pop music.)

And thirdly, to remind us  - why the fuck isn’t Steve Jobs up for Best Film – like, everywhere??? Come on people! What were you watching last year? And with special mention to our American voters – how could you miss Aaron Sorkin’s remarkable screenplay??

#OscarsSoWhite - ?? - #OscarsSoDense more like!

Hit “Play” already before we get angry


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