Posted Jan 28 2016

Dirty Grandpa -This Movie Fails To Rock More Than Well, Just About Anything

Dir: Dan Mazer

Starring Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Zoey Deutch, Julianne Hough, Aubrey Plaza

Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to the nadir of Robert De Niro’s career. And Zac Efron’s to boot. We know it’s only January, but is it too soon to call “Worst Film Of The Year” already? Mere weeks after Daddy’s Home, who knew we’d be sitting through – no, suffering through - a film that makes that one look almost reasonable?

We’ll try to keep this brief – Dan Mazer’s film is a one-note exercise is all that is wrong in contemporary American screen comedy. (And sadly, it doesn’t even feel that contemporary.) First and foremost – not funny. Not even briefly. Hell, not even once.

Secondly, when you ain’t got funny – go for profanity. Which, for some gormless reason this movie appears to believe is even funnier coming out of the mouth of a pensioner. Translation - 70-something De Niro says “fuck” and “vagina.” Never in the context of an actual joke mind you, barely in the context of a sentence most times. Oh, and he says these things a lot – on the “comedy grounds” of if it’s funny once (it ain’t), it’s funny a hundred times (it really ain’t.)

The normally reliable Efron meanwhile gets his shirt off and his arse out. Don’t you just love watching young talented actors go for the stretch?

It’s not that Dirty Grandpa is offensive (even though it stupidly thinks it’s poking fun at such offensiveness.) It’s not that it’s thoroughly witless, misogynistic, homophobic, totally humiliates that woman from Park & Rec, and, very simply, is just not funny! It’s the fact that it’s here. And it really shouldn’t be.


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