Posted Jul 01 2016

Song Of The Week - David Brent - Lady Gypsy

On the same day that tickets go on sale in the UK for his movie, Life On The Road, and he announces two live dates in September (8th & 9th) at the Eventime Apollo in London with his brilliantly named band Foregone Conclusion, David Brent has just dropped his latest music video for his soon to be hit single, Lady Gypsy. All with a little help from his friend and mentor Ricky Gervais.

Gervais not only has a keen ear for a good, highly discriminatory lyric – “She was a traveller. But she was pretty. And clean”  - but a strong sense of local geography “just south of Didcot.” (Is it just us or is there a little nod to Paul Simon's Duncan in there?) Plus, the man knows how to make a pop video like they used to. How can something that looks this real be called parody?

Genius. We were already excited by the movie – now we’re counting the days.

David Brent Life On The Road opens in the UK on August 19 – hits Netflix around the world early next year.


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